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Degrassi of the dead is a special episode that around Oct. 31 2008. What happens in this episode does not continue in the next episode.


Genetically modified foods have begun to turn people into zombies; but: Manny, Paige, Ashley, Jay, and Peter have survived and have been caught in the school, as zombies prowl outside. Manny is worried since Emma hasn't called her back yet, but it's obvious that the zombies have claimed her when she appears outside zombified. Manny and Co. must make it to the buses outside, so they can make a run for it but sadly the zombies are in the way. Little by little, the numbers of the group deminish, and it's down to Paige and Manny. They discover Derek alive, and it's found out that he has built a bomb to blow up the zombies and the school with them, and he wishes to re-populate the world with Manny and Paige. Paige pulls him into a kiss, then throws him into Spinner's grasp (who's chained up) and as Spinner eats Derek, he pushes the button, which detonates the bomb and blows up the school with Paige in it. Manny runs away, and meets Peter outside who was just pretending to be a zombie to avoid being eaten. Peter and Manny get on the bus, and leave the school behind them. It ends with Peter turning into a zombie, then killing Manny.